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The theory and practice of perspective

by George Adolphus Storey

The Theory and Practice of Perspective

The Point of Sight, the Horizon, and the Point of Distance
Point of Distance
Perspective of a Point, Visual Rays,&c.
Trace and Projection
Scientific Definition of Perspective
The Rules and Conditions of Perspective
Rule 1
Rule 2
Rule 3
Rule 4
Rule 5
Rule 6
Rule 7
Rule 8
Rule 9
Rule 10
A Table or Index of the Rules of Perspective
Rule 1
Rule 2
Rule 3
Rule 4
Rule 5
Rule 6
Rule 7
Rule 8
Rule 9
Rule 10
The Square in Parallel Perspective
The Diagonal
The Square
Geometrical and Perspective Figures Contrasted
Of Certain Terms made use of in Perspective
How to Measure Vanishing or Receding Lines
How to Place Squares in Given Positions
How To Draw Pavements, &c.
Of Squares placed Vertically and at Different Heights, or the Cube in Parallel Perspective
The Transposed Distance
The Front View of the Square and of the Proportions of Figures at Different Heights
Of Pictures that are Painted according to the Position they are to Occupy
The Square at an Angle of 45 grad
The Cube at an Angle of 45 grad
Pavements Drawn by Means of Squares at 45 grad
The Perspective Vanishing Scale
The Vanishing Scale can be Drawn to any Point on the Horizon
Application of Vanishing Scales to Drawing Figures
How to Determine the Heights of Figures on a Level Plane
The Horizon above the Figures
Landscape Perspective
Figures of Different Heights: The Chessboard
Application of the Vanishing Scale to Drawing Figures at an Angle when their Vanishing Points are Inaccessible or Outside the Picture
The Reduced Distance. How to Proceed when the Point of Distance is Inaccessible
How to Draw a Long Passage or Cloister by means of the Reduced Distance
How to Form a Vanishing Scale that shall give the Height, Depth, and Distance of any Object in the Picture
Measuring Scale on Ground
Application of the Reduced Distance and the Vanishing Scale to Drawing a Lighthouse, &c.
How to Measure Long Distances such as a Mile or Upwards
Further Illustration of Long Distances and Extended Views
How to Ascertain the Relative Heights of Figures on an Inclined Plane
How to Find the Distance of a Given Figure or Point from the Base Line
How to Measure the Height of Figures on Uneven Ground
Further Illustration of the Size of Figures at Different Distances and on Uneven Ground
Figures on a Descending Plane
Further Illustration of the Descending Plane
Further Illustration of Uneven Ground
The Picture Standing on the Ground
The Picture on a Height
Angular Perspective
How to put a Given Point into Perspective
A Perspective Point being given, Find its Position on the Geometrical Plane
How to put a Given Line into Perspective
To Find the Length of a Given Perspective Line
To Find these Points when the Distance-Point is Inaccessible
How to put a Given Triangle or other Rectilineal Figure into Perspective
How to put a Given Square into Angular Perspective
Of Measuring Points
How to Divide any Given Straight Line into Equal or Proportionate Parts
How to Divide a Diagonal Vanishing Line into any Number of Equal or Proportional Parts
Further Use of the Measuring Point O
Further Use of the Measuring Point O
Another Method of Angular Perspective, being that Adopted in our Art Schools
Two Methods of Angular Perspective in one Figure
To Draw a Cube, the Points being Given
Amplification of the Cube Applied to Drawing a Cottage
How to Draw an Interior at an Angle
How to Correct Distorted Perspective by Doubling the Line of Distance
How to Draw a Cube on a Given Square, using only One Vanishing Point
A Courtyard or Cloister Drawn with one Vanishing Point
How to Draw Lines which shall Meet at a Distant Point, by Means of Diagonals
How to Divide a Square Placed at an Angle into a Given Number of Small Squares
Further Example of how to Divide a Given Oblique Square into a Given Number of Equal Squares, say Twenty-five
Of Parallels and Diagonals
The Square, the Oblong, and their Diagonals
Showing the Use of the Square and Diagonals in Drawing Doorways, Windows, and other Architectural Features
How to Measure Depths by Diagonals
How to Measure Distances by the Square and Diagonal
How by Means of the Square and Diagonal we can Determine the Position of Points in Space
Perspective of a Point Placed in any Position within the Square
Perspective of a Square Placed at an Angle New Method
On a Given Line Placed at an Angle to the Base Draw a Square in Angular Perspective, the Point of Sight, and Distance, being given.
How to Draw Solid Figures at any Angle by the New Method
Points in Space
The Square and Diagonal Applied to Cubes And Solids Drawn Therein
To Draw an Oblique Square in Another Oblique Square without Using Vanishing Points
Showing How a Pedestal can be Drawn by the New Method
Scale on Each Side of the Picture
The Circle
The Circle in Perspective a True Ellipse
Further Illustration of the Ellipse
How To Draw a Circle in Perspective Without a Geometrical Plan
How to Draw a Circle in Angular Perspective
How to Draw a Circle in Perspective more Correctly, by Using Sixteen Guiding Points
How to Divide a Perspective Circle into any Number of Equal Parts
How to Draw Concentric Circles
The Angle of the Diameter of the Circle in Angular and Parallel Perspective
How to Correct Disproportion in the Width of Columns
How to Draw a Circle over a Circle or a Cylinder
To Draw a Circle Below a Given Circle
Application of Previous Problem
Doric Columns
To Draw Semicircles Standing upon a Circle at any Angle
A Dome Standing on a Cylinder
Section of a Dome or Niche
A Dome
How to Draw Columns Standing in a Circle
Columns and Capitals
Method of Perspective Employed by Architects
The Octagon
How to Draw the Octagon in Angular Perspective
How to Draw an Octagonal Figure in Angular Perspective
How to Draw Concentric Octagons, with Illustration of a Well
A Pavement Composed of Octagons and Small Squares
The Hexagon
A Pavement Composed of Hexagonal Tiles
A Pavement of Hexagonal Tiles in Angular Perspective
Further Illustration of the Hexagon
Another View of the Hexagon in Angular Perspective
Application of the Hexagon to Drawing a Kiosk
The Pentagon
The Pyramid
The Great Pyramid
The Pyramid in Angular Perspective
To Divide the Sides of the Pyramid Horizontally
Of Roofs
Of Arches, Arcades, Bridges, &c.
Outline of an Arcade with Semicircular Arches
Semicircular Arches on a Retreating Plane
An Arcade in Angular Perspective
A Vaulted Ceiling
A Cloister, from a Photograph
The Low or Elliptical Arch
Opening or Arched Window in a Vault
Stairs, Steps, &c.
Steps, Front View
Square Steps
To Divide an Inclined Plane into Equal Parts´┐Żsuch as a Ladder Placed against a Wall
Steps and the Inclined Plane
Steps in Angular Perspective
A Step Ladder at an Angle
Square Steps Placed over each Other
Steps and a Double Cross Drawn by Means of Diagonals and one Vanishing Point
A Staircase Leading to a Gallery
Winding Stairs in a Square Shaft
Winding Stairs in a Cylindrical Shaft
Of the Cylindrical Picture or Diorama
The Perspective of Cast Shadows
The Two Kinds of Shadows
Shadows Cast by the Sun
The Sun in the Same Plane as the Picture
The Sun Behind the Picture
Sun Behind the Picture, Shadows Thrown on a Wall
Sun Behind the Picture Throwing Shadow on an Inclined Plane
The Sun in Front of the Picture
The Shadow of an Inclined Plane
Shadow on a Roof or Inclined Plane
To Find the Shadow of a Projection or Balcony on a Wall
Shadow on a Retreating Wall, Sun in Front
Shadow of an Arch, Sun in Front
Shadow in a Niche or Recess
Shadow in an Arched Doorway
Shadows Produced by Artificial Light
Some Observations on Real Light and Shade
Angles of Reflection
Reflections of Objects at Different Distances
Reflection in a Looking-glass
The Mirror at an Angle
The Upright Mirror at an Angle of 45 grad to the Wall
Mental Perspective